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✅ United Nations Women of Distinction Award Recipient 

✅ Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business (VIP Global Magazine)

✅ #1 Best Selling Author

✅ Award-Winning Speaker

✅ Certified Brand Coach

✅ Certified Life Coach

Dr. Tajuana’s background as a former Corporate Rat-Racer includes 23 years in Business Sales, Business Sales Management and Business Sales Training at companies like MCI WorldCom, AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless. After leaving the corporate world in 2014, she began her coaching business and hasn't looked back.

As the CEO of Get Over Yourself Career & Life Coaching, Inc., Dr. Tajuana works with those who have been marketing themselves as Experts. She teaches them how to elevate their brand so they can be seen as an Influencer (without being famous). Dr. Tajuana's secret weapon is her ability to lead clients through the mindset work that previously held them back from elevating, so they build authentic brands that they can rock with confidence. Her clients have gone on to create 6 and 7 figure businesses, as a result.

Dr. Tajuana has been featured in Black Enterprise, Forbes, Sheen Magazine, Authority Magazine, The BIA Brand Magazine, VIP Global and on the cover of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine. Tajuana's book 'Class Is Now In Session...Your 21 LinkedIn Questions Answered' is ranked #33 on the list of Top 100 Best-Selling LinkedIn books of all time, by Book Authority.

As the Featured Speaker for conferences like MogulCon, BullyCon, CoronaCon, Black Life Coaches, Success Women's Conference and for organizations like Microsoft, the Act-1 Group, the City of Chicago, Columbia College, Temple University (among others), Dr. Tajuana has shared stages with icons such as Les Brown, Janice Bryant Howroyd, Delatorro McNeal, Lisa Nichols and Dr. Felicia Phillips, just to name a few.

Currently based in the suburbs of Chicago, you’ll catch Dr. Tajuana on a mission to change the world one brand at a time, in her signature “Mohawk, Blazer and Chucks”.

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