You already know how a Coach can help you. So, what makes Get Over Yourself Career & Life Coaching, Inc. different?

Me. Tajuana Ross.

I may be known for my "tough love" approach, but I'm also very compassionate and truly care about your success. When you're my client, it's because I actually believe in your mission.

My gift is seeing the bigger picture. So, while you're fixated on all of the things you don't have or can't do (thus, not moving forward), I'm busy examining your life from a much different vantage point, enabling me to turn what you do have into a profitable brand. I'm a nerd and business has always been my favorite topic to study, which means that I instinctively envision all of the ways you could be monetizing what you love.

The people who hire me are on the cusp of being the Influencer that they know they should be.  

They're tired of desperately looking for opportunities and anxiously chasing down clients; they'd rather be sought after instead. They've invested in solutions that didn't get them the visibility they desired.

They want to make a bigger impact, but something keeps getting in the way. There's a block. A mental block. The block is a series of 'reasons' and they've convinced themselves not to move forward. They believe the bullshit they've been telling themselves.

They need my help to remove the blocks and create a brand model that takes them to the next level. But more importantly, they need the confidence to rock that brand.

My role as your Coach is to teach you how to shift your mindset, so that you can truly show up with that inner swagger that allows you to defeat all of the negative self-talk which has previously held you back (those blocks). When this happens, your brand becomes a magnet, your tribe forms and the marketplace responds to you go from being the hunter to being the hunted.

What I am not:

  • Your therapist
  • Your medical doctor
  • Your legal counsel 

I work best with those who:

  • Love to be coached
  • Are open to new ideas
  • Are open to candid feedback
  • Know that change doesn’t happen overnight
  • Have the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable

About Coach Tajuana

Tajuana Ross, widely known as 'The LinkedIn Professor', is the CEO of 'Get Over Yourself Career & Life Coaching, Inc.', a #1 Best Selling Author, an Award Winning Speaker, an Award Winning Certified Branding Coach & LinkedIn Ghostwriter To The Stars. She teaches Experts how to build brands that allow them to be seen as Influencers in the marketplace, without being famous.

Tajuana’s background as a former Corporate Rat-Racer includes 23 years in Business Sales, Business Sales Management and Business Sales Training at companies like MCI WorldCom, AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless. After leaving the corporate world in 2014, she began her coaching business and never looked back.

In 2021, ’VIP Global' magazine named Tajuana one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business. She has also been featured in Black Enterprise, Sheen Magazine, The BIA Brand Magazine and on the cover of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine. Her influence has allowed her to share stages with Speakers like Les Brown, Jeff Hoffman, Janice Bryant Howroyd, Delatorro McNeal and Dr. Felicia Phillips, among others. Tajuana delivers keynotes and workshops for companies of all sizes.

In her "spare time", Tajuana runs her second business, 'Hempire State of Mind' - an online CBD store for those who prefer a holistic approach to wellness. You’ll catch Tajuana on a mission to change the world, one brand at a time, rocking her signature “Mohawk, Blazer and Chucks”.

Business Hours:

Monday 11-7
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